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What Teenagers Need From Us More Than (Almost) Anything Else

Be the wall for your kids.

Kara Powell

Parenting teenage girls can be difficult, especially when they push away. Here's what you can do if you're the parent of a teenager right now. 

Announcing Our Preorder Bundle: Get Free Growing Young Resources Today!

These gifts are available nowhere else.

Kara Powell

Growing Young launches September 20, but you can access this free preorder bundle now. Discover our powerful discoveries about churches and young people, and get ready to change your church culture today. 

Icons of Hell

Unveiling Injustice on Short-Term Mission

Kurt Rietema

Can short-term mission be like a pilgrimage to the cross? Discover how students might come to recognize icons of heaven-- and hell-- by entering into the sufferings and victories of communities around the world.